LISA – Was she a swipe right for FU#1?

LISA’s profile – Attractive, seeking short or long term partner (with benefits), preferably aged 18-40, looking to settle down and buy a house with, and/or eventually retire with the right person.

Yes, LISA was a swipe right for FU#1, but Mrs Fu isn’t getting her wedding hat out yet.

Of course, we’re not talking about our son FU#1’s love life, but his investment in his Lifetime ISA.

LISAs are like marmite. Some people like them and some people hate them. Personally, I think they’re fantastic, and Fu#1 has invested the maximum £4000 into one over the last year.

He makes monthly investments of £333.33 into the LISA automatically, after his wage is paid into the bank each month. The contributions are split equally and invested into Vanguard Lifestrategy 100% Equity and Vanguard US Equity Index.

So how has LISA performed? Did she live up to her Profile?

Creepy analogy aside, it is now worth £7321, including the tax bonus.

The yearly performance based on the initial net contribution of £4000 is 86%.

Yes, LISA was definitely a swipe right for Fu#1 and there may be a future in this relationship.

Mrs Fu, don’t get jealous, I’m too old for her.

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  1. Those funds are showing gains of 9% and 18% for the year ended 30 April 2019 so I’m not sure how you get to the returns mentioned. 9% and 18% is good enough, but you got my attention by quoting 86%!

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