About Me



Why FU MON CHU? I know it’s a bit cringy, but it just came to me when thinking of a pseudonym linked to the theme of this blog page – so I just went with it.

The thinking behind it was a play on the blog title and the terms ‘F U Money’ and ‘Choose FI’ often associated with financial independence.

Therefore the name came from –  FiUkMONey, CHUse financial independence.

My Situation

I’m a married man in my late forties with a large family of 6 children, ranging in age from 9 to 19.

Even though I have been interested in finance for quite a few years, I only discovered the concept of FI and the FI community in late 2017 and had my ‘lightbulb’ moment as a result.

Although I do have some pension savings in a SIPP and investments in buy to let, we have generally been living month to month with no real spare cash flow to build anything up.

I have discovered FI quite late in life (I wish I’d known about this 30 years ago when I started work) and I am desperate to implement the principles into my remaining working life.  Hopefully, I haven’t left it too late for myself.  I aim to get to FI within 7-8 years, to coincide with the time I can draw on my SIPP.

My greater motivation is to ensure my kids are aware of FI, especially my eldest, who at 19 has just recently started in the world of work.

I don’t want my children to follow the mainstream path of go to school, go to uni, work for 40 years and retire at 67 with no time or money left to enjoy anything. I’m looking to set them off on a plan to FI, with the view that they will be able to achieve FI in their 30’s.

The plan of this blog then is to record my family’s FI journey, illustrating how people may achieve FI in different circumstances, whether that is someone who is just starting out in their working life, or late starters on the FI path with families to consider.

As I said I’m new to FI and I’ve never written anything before so I will no doubt make many mistakes.

Thanks for visiting