The Bride of FU MON CHU

Mrs FU MON CHU is generally quite cynical.

She quite often ridicules my latest interests/fads and it is quite difficult to get her on board to new ideas even though she is very intelligent ; ) . Once she is convinced of something though she can be very powerful in achieving what she sets out to do.

As in my previous post, I mentioned I had been listening to the Tim Ferris podcasts and she generally could not be less interested in those.

I am always interested in new ideas etc.,   and therefore when I mentioned my latest ‘discovery’ the raised eyebrow look was one I had seen many times before.

I was reading all I could about FI , then Christmas 2017 arrived and went.

In the new year my ideas on FI started to crystallise and I went on the offensive again, planting seeds of ideas and concepts of where our life and our children’s lives should be heading next and in the future.

Finally in early February 2018, after seeing some rough figures that I had sketched out if we followed an FI plan, she cracked and finally showed some interest.

We listened to some ChooseFI podcasts together and she opened up to the idea of FI.

Watch this space…


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