January ’19 – Net Worth and monthly updates #6

Time for net worth and monthly updates again, up to end of January 2019.

January has seen the FU household back to the grindstone with work and school activities.

The weather hasn’t been too kind for us with snow and ice affecting work progress, and we had the added bonus of someone crashing into both Mrs Fu’s and my parked vehicles. Luckily the person was insured and we got their details, but this has caused us much disruption with both vehicles being out of action.

Lots have been happening with the little FU’s and I will update in more detail in future posts.

FU#1 is nearing the end of his apprenticeship course and has a final assessment to take in the coming weeks. He will then hopefully get a pay rise at the end of February from his employer.

Little FU#2 recently completed her mock GCSE’s and has been selecting her subjects for her A levels if she decides to follow that route. We have also attended some apprenticeship fairs, so at the moment we are keeping an open mind between A levels and an apprenticeship.

Little FU#3 has also been selecting his options for his GCSE subjects which he will take in 2 years time.



Net Worth Jan 19 – £417,754  (Dec 18 £415,731) +0% +£2,023


Assets – £671,489  (£670,731) +0%  +£2,994 

Cash/bank £1000 +0%

Main Home Q4 £401,409 (Q3 £405,429) -1%

Rental Properties Q4 £163,364 (Q3 £165,000) -1%

Pension SIPP £106,125 (£99,302) +6% +£6,823


Liabilities – £254,144 (£255,000) -0.5%  -£856

Main Home Mortgage £92,000 (£92,350)

Loans, Debts and credit cards £162,144 (£163,650)



Overall Net Worth has increased this month by £2,023.

The markets have been kinder this month, with my SIPP adding £6,823 to take it back over the £100k threshold after last months dip to £99k.

Main home and rental property values have softened slightly, reducing by 1%, as calculated using the Nationwide House price index calculator.

SIPP Dividends paid – 2019 ytd total £188  Av. £188/m   (2018 total £1306  Av. £108/m).


Other Monthly/weekly goals

Matched Betting  +£492 this month (+£755 last month)

Total to date since starting 15m ago £5021 (£4529 to last month) means we made £492 profit this month, broken down as follows.

Casino/slot offers to date £1538 (£1305) = £233 profit this month

Each way sniping to date £40 (£49) = £-9 profit this month

Normal match betting offers £268 (£513) profit this month

Diet and Fitness – I’m back down to 74kg from 78kg so have lost the weight gained over Christmas. I am also tracking fat percentage now as just focussing on weight can be deceptive. My fat percentage is at 20% so I am targetting below 15%. My target for April is 70kg and/or 15% fat, or less.

I haven’t done anything major in particular diet wise, just cut back on the snacks/carbs mainly. We have also cut out drinking at home and have decided to only drink when we go out or on special occasions. Trouble is that we have been to a couple of big birthdays this month and had a big blow out!  Overall though we have probably cut out 4 bottles of wine a week between Mrs FU and me, and that also means less of the munchies afterwards. I definitely feel better for this and less tired.

On the fitness side, I have brought a bit of variety into my 3x running per week schedule. I am now doing 1 x beep test, 1 x 10k run, and playing 5 a side football for 1 hour a week. My current time for 10k is 47:52 and my target is to get down to around 42 minutes.

eBay/selling – Nothing much in January.

Thanks for reading.

Any comments/questions always welcome

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  1. Nice to see rental liabilities as well as assets!
    I know a few btl who talk of their million loijd portfolio but forget to mention the debt!

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