December ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #5

Well, it’s over. Christmas and New year came and went in a food and booze filled blur.

Time was taken to relax with the family and achieve nothing in particular.

Now comes a 3-month sprint up to the tax year end on April 5th, and our non-negotiable annual family all inclusive holiday blow out at Easter.


Net Worth Dec. 18 – £415,731 (Nov 18 £420,222) -1% -£4491

Assets – £670,731  (£676,250) -0%  -£5,519 

Cash/bank £1000 +0%

Main Home Q3 £405,429 (£405,429) +0%

Rental Properties Q3 £165,000 (£165,000) +0%

Pension SIPP £99,302 (£104,821) -5.3%  -£5,519

Liabilities – £255,000 (£256,028) -0.5%  -£1,028

Main Home Mortgage £92,350 (£92,700)

Loans, Debts and credit cards £162,650 (£163,328)

Overall Net Worth has decreased this month by 1% (£4,491) due to the hit on my SIPP value caused by continuing stock market falls. I can hopefully take advantage of the lower prices over the next 3 months by getting some contributions into my SIPP.

Main home and rental property values are left unchanged in this update as Q4 figures are not yet available on the Nationwide House price index calculator.

SIPP Dividends paid – 2018 ytd £1,306  Av. £108/m  (2017 total £912 Av. £76/m). 2018 figures showed a 43% increase in dividend payments over 2017.

Other Monthly/weekly goals

Matched Betting  +£755.51 (+£788.65 last month)

Total to date since starting 14m ago £4529.36 (£3773.85 to last month) means we made £755.51 profit this month, broken down as follows.

Casino offers to date £1305.02 (£1070.35) = £234.67 profit this month

Each way sniping to date £49.67 (£42.45) = £7.22 profit this month

Normal match betting offers £513.62 profit this month

Diet and Fitness – Dieting went out of the window over Christmas and the weight has crept back up to 78kg, so I’m going to get back on my pre-December regime of intermittent fasting combined with 3x runs per week, and weights on alternate days. I’m aiming for 70kg by April.

eBay/selling – The kids sold their PS3 and all their old games, but then bought an XBOX with the money for themselves!

Wishing everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Any comments/questions always welcome

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2 Responses to December ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #5

  1. weenie says:

    Happy new year!

    It’s a little disheartening for all to see the tumbling figures but as you say, those of us still accumulating will be able to take advantage of lower prices.

    That’s a great MB profit you made. I’ve been unable to repeat the profits I made a few months back but will continue to plug away and trust in the EV!

    All the best for 2019!

    • FU MON CHU says:

      Happy new year weenie.

      My SIPP has lost about £15k from it’s high point but I’m keeping positive about it.

      We’re doing MBing a bit more regularly now and try and do the offers every day. It helps that Mrs FU is also doing it now!

      Have a great 2019

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