October ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #3

I haven’t updated for a couple of months as there has been quite a lot going on in the FU household.

September is always a busy time with the little Fu’s going back to school after the summer holidays and everyone getting back into new routines and activities.

Fu#4 passed his 11+ and moved up from primary school to join Fu#2 and Fu#3 at our local free Grammar school. We were happy with this as it makes organising them easier now that they attend the same secondary school. They all catch the same bus to and from school, and now have the same school holidays. Mrs FU was happy as it meant the end of the school run that she has been doing for the last 14 years!

Fu#2 turned 16 this month and she does her GCSEs this school year. She hasn’t decided what path she is going to follow yet when she completes these, and we have encouraged her to start thinking about what she wants to do in the future. Being at grammar school there is still the assumption that pupils will do A-levels and go on to university after that, but as we have said before in a previous post, there are now good alternatives to this route.

Now onto the figures.


Net Worth Update Oct. 18 – £420,037.00  (£413,030.00) +1.7% +£7,007.00   

Assets – £677,037.00  (£713,030.00) -5.0%  -£35,993.00 

Cash/bank £1000.00  +0%

Main Home £405,429.00 +1.36%

Rental Properties £165,000.00 –17.5%

Pension SIPP £105,608 –6.5%

Liabilities – £257,000.00 (£300,000) -14.3% £-43,000.00

Main Home Mortgage £93,000.00 -7.5%

Loans, Debts and credit cards £164,000.00 -12%


Overall Net Worth up 1.7% since last update in July so I’m quite happy that this is going in the right direction. I am continuing to refine my figures to give more accurate values as I get the actual statements.

The big change this month was that I finally sold one of my rental properties that enabled me to pay off some higher interest credit cards and debt. This will hopefully improve cash-flow going forward and enable me to accelerate my savings/investments.

Assets are down 5% overall, but liabilities are down 14.3% due to the sale of the rental property.

Main home value increased 1.36% according to the Nationwide House price index calculator and I will continue with this in future updates.

Performance in my SIPP was abysmal, down 6.5% due to recent market falls. I may have been worried about this in the past but I am quite relaxed about this now and hope to take advantage of lower prices.

Although my Debt figures are still high, I am comfortable with this as they are mostly now at relatively low interest rates. Whilst continuing to pay the debt down, especially any higher interest debt, I have decided to put any spare money into my SIPP as I can get 150% uplift on these contributions as discussed in my previous post.

SIPP Dividends paid in 2018 ytd – £1135.70.  Average £113.57/m

Other Monthly/weekly goals

Matched Betting – Improving. It is 12 months since we started dabbling in matched betting and we have made £2,985.20 in that period. Lately, we have been quite successful with risk free casino/slot offers and reloads (+£653.39 this month),  but not so much on the each-way sniping (-£19.96). We will persevere.

Diet and Fitness – Getting more into a routine now and have lost 4kg over the last month. I have been experimenting with intermittent fasting and I am running 3x 25 minutes per week. This consists of doing a beep test twice a week and one hill running session. I do the beep test up to level 10 then sprint/jog alternate levels after that until the end. This takes about 23 mins and is quite high intensity. I am also doing body/free weight exercises at home 3x per week on alternate days to running, consisting of push-ups, squats, pull-ups, sit-ups, curls and shoulder presses. This takes 15-20min max so is quite easy to fit in. Sometimes I do the exercises individually in 1-2 minutes spells throughout the evening if I’m short on time, but I am making sure I keep it up.

Ebay/selling – Very little this month so nothing to report

That’s it for this update.

Any comments/questions always welcome






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7 Responses to October ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #3

  1. Well done on losing 4kg over a month. That is some achievement!

  2. Dr FIRE says:

    Those are some good matched betting profits this month considering that you haven’t had luck with the each way betting that I’ve seen a lot of other UK bloggers use. I tried my first risk free slot offer and won around £130, so I’m pretty happy with that and will have to try out some more! The only downside for me is how long it takes to meet the wagering requirements.

    Where do you typically do the bleep test? I remember doing that once at school and it was painful! But I would be interested in trying it again now as a way to quickly improve cardio health. And as for the body weight exercises, there is a forum on reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/ – that has a lot of good recommendations.

    Hope you have a good November!

    • FU MON CHU says:

      Hi Dr FIRE

      The wagering can be a pain. We try and do the ones without wagering conditions where possible.

      I have space behind my house to do a bleep test. 20m spacing between end points and mp3 track on my phone, and yes it can be painful.

      cheers for commenting

  3. weenie says:

    How is Mrs FU enjoying her time not having to do that school run any more?

    Good to read that you were able to sell one of your rental properties so that you can tackle some of the credit card debt – you mentioned a while back of your plan to do this so this will help with your cash flow.

    Well done on that 4kg weight loss – wow, not heard about the beep test in years, great going as it’s a tough exercise! But re exercise, the 1-2 minutes are great to keep on top of it all if you find that you can’t fit in a big(ger) session. It’s what I try at weekends, when I tend to be a real couch potato!

    Good luck with the matched betting – I too didn’t have a great month on the EW betting, although just about made it into the positive. It seems to vary so much from matched bettor to matched bettor but I shall continue regardless! Still not tempted by casino offers, I think I just want to stick to sports betting.

  4. swedendivin says:

    Wow u have 6 children,, if you struggle for FI how do you think when for example one of the children whant a new Iphone?

    Greeting from a Swedish Investor

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