March ’20 – Net Worth and monthly update #19 £501,581 (-£24,317)

Well, March has been an interesting month in the FU household.

Everything used to be about the B word in the news but now it’s all about the C word.

Covid 19 has wreaked havoc on our daily life and finances. I’ve been busy trying to keep up with all the different government schemes to see what help we can get.

As I’m employed by my own Ltd company, I’ve had to put myself on furlough leave as all my work has dried up.

Mrs FU is a self-employed tutor, and as she now cannot see her pupils in person she has had to quickly learn how to deliver online tutoring which she has done successfully.

FU#1 got laid off from his job just before the furlough scheme was announced, so luckily his company re-employed him and put him on the furlough scheme.

Fu#2 has been furloughed from her job as well.

It seems like we will all get something from the various government’s schemes so that is good in one respect.

We have 8 at home in the house at the moment. It was ok for the first few days when the weather was nice and warm, as we have a big garden and the kids were all playing outside, but when the weather was colder they were getting a bit cooped up inside. Warmer weather is on its way again this weekend, hooray.

Finance wise we should be ok and it hasn’t altered my FIRE plans to retire in 5 years.

My investments over the last few months have dropped around £50k-£60k, and it looks like markets may have further to drop. But I’m not selling anything and over time these will recover like things always do.



Net Worth March ’20 – £501,581  (Feb ’19 £525,898) -4.6% -£24,317


Assets – £741,000  (£761,640) -2.7%  -£20,640

Cash/bank £1600 (£3000)

Main Home Q4 £408,566 (Q4 £408,566) 0%

Rental Properties Q4 £168,534 (Q4 £168,534) 0%

Pension SIPP £162,300 (£180,040) -9.9%  -£17,740


Liabilities – £239,419 (£235,742) +1.6%  +£3,677

Main Home Mortgage £87,100 (£87,450)

Loans, Debts and credit cards £152,319 (£148,292)


Overall Net Worth in March has decreased by £24,317.

Rolling year on year change in net worth from March ’19 is +£67,299

The decrease in our net worth this month is due to a big loss in my SIPP again due to the Corona Virus . The figures above show that my SIPP is down about £17k this month, but the real fall is over £30k down this month as I added further contributions before tax year-end. These are currently held in cash ready to invest as I think the market will fall further.

Main home and rental property values remain at Q4 figures, calculated using the Nationwide House price index , and will be updated when the calculator is updated. Nationwide’s March report said Annual house price growth edged higher before the
pandemic struck the UK. We’ll have to wait to see what effect corona has on house prices.

Liabilities were up by nearly £4k as I made use of a 0% credit card offer to top up my SIPP.


SIPP Dividends paid in March were £198. (Mar 2019 £49)

Dividends Mar 2020 YTD total £929,  Av. £310/m   (Mar 2019 YTD  £267,  Av. £89/m)

(Yearly totals –   2016 £425,  2017 £911,  2018 £1306,  2019 £2319)


Other Monthly/weekly goals

Matched Betting  +£33 this month (+£145 last month)

Everything has virtually stopped on MB, just Casino remains the same. Had a poor month though as only made £13 on casino, and Cheltenham was terrible for us this year.

Total to date since starting 29m ago £11216 Av. £387/m (£11183 to last month Av. 399/m) means we made £33 profit this month, broken down as follows.

Casino/slot offers to date £4745 (4732) = £13 profit this month

Each way sniping to date £625 (£633) = £8 loss this month

Normal match betting offers £29 profit this month


Diet and Fitness –  Training every day now we are on lockdown. Want to hit my target before I’m 50 next month. The aim is to get below 70kg and/or under 15% body fat.

eBay/selling – Not much done this month.


Keep healthy and safe everyone.


Any comments/questions always welcome


Monthly Net worth since started tracking

#1 June ’18 £414,258

#2 July ’18 £413,030 -£1,228

#3 Oct ’18 £420,037 +£7,007

#4 Nov ’18 £420,222 +£185

#5 Dec ’18 £415,731 -£4,491

#6 Jan ’19 £417,754 +£2,023

#7 Feb ’19 £419,313 +£1,968

#8 Mar ’19 £434,282 +£14,969

#9 Apr ’19 £434,843 +£561

#10 May ’19 £504,531 +£69,688

#11 Jun ’19 £514,218 +£9,687

#12 Jul ’19 £520,781 +£6,563

#13 Sep ’19 £532,376 +£11,595

#14 Oct ’19 £534,406 +£2,030

#15 Nov ’19 £539,998 +£5,592

#16 Dec ’19 £543,861 +£3,863

#17 Jan ’20 £541,041 -£2,820

#18 Feb ’20 £525,898 -£15,143

#19 Mar’20 £501,581  -£24,317

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  2. weenie says:

    Been thinking you your family in lockdown and hope all is going well. Great to hear that Mrs Fu is continuing with her work successfully online.

    Like you, my FIRE plans haven’t altered, it’s too soon to tell what impact this will have on my investments longterm so I’m not going to change anything right now. Not selling, continue investing while I can.

    That’s a good amount of dividends coming in and I too am glad that my dividends have largely continued to pay out.

    All the best to you and your family, stay safe (and sane!).

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