March ’19 – Net worth and monthly update #8

Time for a short and sweet monthly Net Worth update, as we go on our annual all-inclusive holiday to Spain tomorrow and we’ve still lots to do.

Following on from last month, FU#1 got his pay rise and has been taken on following the end of his apprenticeship. I will do a separate update for him after the holidays. Suffice to say he is very happy at his job.



Net Worth Mar 19 – £434,282  (Feb 19 £419,313) +3.6% +£14,969


Assets – £686,842  (£672,640) +2.1%  +£14,202

Cash/bank £1000 +0%

Main Home Q1 £402,773 (Q4 £401,409) +0.3%

Rental Properties Q1 £163,919 (Q4 £163,364) +0.3%

Pension SIPP £119,150 (£106,867) +11.5% +£12,283


Liabilities – £252,560 (£253,327) -0.3%  -£767

Main Home Mortgage £91,300 (£91,650)

Loans, Debts and credit cards £161,260 (£161,677)


Overall Net Worth has increased this month by a whopping £14,969.

This is mainly due to chucking a large contribution into my SIPP  before tax year end.

Main home and rental property values have increased slightly from Q4 2018  to Q1 2019, calculated using the Nationwide House price index calculator.

SIPP Dividends paid March £49 – 2019 ytd £269,  Av. £90/m (2018 £1306,  Av. £108/m).


Other Monthly/weekly goals

Matched Betting  +£1019 this month (+£612 last month)

Total to date since starting 17m ago £6652 (£5633 to last month) means we made £1019 profit this month, broken down as follows.

Casino/slot offers to date £1687 (£1622) = £65 profit this month

Each way sniping to date £45 (£47) = £-2 loss this month

Normal match betting offers £956 profit this month

Great profit this month thanks to Cheltenham, and even though I probably had a couple of weeks this month where I didn’t really do much MB.

Diet and Fitness – Kept around the 72kg and 18% fat mark so failed to achieve my target for April of 70kg and/or 15% fat, or less. This is down to having had two very busy weeks at work which meant the strict diet and exercise regime went out of the window. I’m quite happy however and will look to resume after my binge on our holidays.

eBay/selling – Nothing much in March.

Thanks for reading.

Any comments/questions always welcome

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