June ’19 – Net worth and monthly update #11 £514,218 +£9,687

At last some good weather in June meant we managed to get away for a few weekends to the caravan.

Last season at the caravan we tended to just relax and potter about, especially as it was very hot. This season we are aiming to explore the Yorkshire Dales and visit more places.

We are sited within walking distance of a train station and, using our family railcard for discounted fares, we have found that exploring by train is more enjoyable than driving to places.

Over the last few weeks we have visited Skipton, Settle, and last weekend we went to Dent village Music and Beer festival which was family-friendly and free to enter. We (I) had a great time trying out the various ales. One of my favourites was called Dark Moose, whilst Mrs. FU enjoyed Kamikaze. We just managed to catch the last train back to the caravan or we may have been sleeping rough, as well as feeling rough the day after!

FU#2 has now finished her GCSEs and is preparing for her prom night this week. Future plans regarding A levels are still up in the air with alternative paths being considered.



Net Worth June ’19 – £514,218  (May ’19 £504,531) +1.9% +£9,687


Assets – £763,544  (£755,157) +1.1%  +£8,387

Cash/bank £1000 +0%

Main Home Q2 £404,965 (Q1 £402,773) +0.5%

Rental Properties Q2 £167,048 (Q1 £163,919) +1.9%

Pension SIPP £190,531 (£187,465) +1.6% +£3,066


Liabilities – £249,326 (£250,626) -0.5%  -£1,300

Main Home Mortgage £90,250 (£90,600)

Loans, Debts and credit cards £159,076 (£160,026)


Overall Net Worth has increased this month by a healthy £9,687.

The increase in our net worth this month is down to steady gains in our pension and Q2 property valuations.

Main home and rental property values have slightly increased in Q2 by 0.5%, calculated using the Nationwide House price index calculator.

SIPP Dividends paid June £10 – 2019 ytd £618,  Av. £103/m (2018 £1306,  Av. £108/m).


Other Monthly/weekly goals

Matched Betting  +£401 this month (+£553 last month)

Total to date since starting 20m ago £7836 Av. £392/m (£7435 to last month Av. 391/m) means we made £401 profit this month, broken down as follows.

Casino/slot offers to date £2440 (£2107) = £333 profit this month

Each way sniping to date £138 (£88) = £50 profit this month

Normal match betting offers £18 profit this month

£152 made less than last month but still happy enough. Good profits made on slot offers, but very little on normal match betting offers and EW sniping.

Diet and Fitness –  Still hovering around 75kg and 20% fat, but exercising regularly now and doing couch to 5k with FUs #5 and 6.

eBay/selling – Made about £150 this month weighing in scrap metal.


Thanks for reading.

Any comments/questions always welcome

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  2. Nordic FIre says:

    Nice income already! Keep it up!
    Have you considered any P2P-lending for passive income?

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