January ’20 – Net Worth and monthly update #17 £541,041 -£2,820

January has been hectic as usual and has flown by as a result.

We’ve been busy at work and home, with many things going on as usual in our 8 person family.

I’ve still not fully recovered from my bad chest I had from mid-December but life has to carry on as normal.

January usually turns our thoughts to holidays, especially with all the holiday ads on tv, and so we booked to go away in May on our (non-negotiable) annual all-inclusive holiday.

Our other main holidaying of the year is going away in the caravan. However, we took the reluctant decision to sell our caravan as the kids don’t really want to go anymore, and that means we may take another holiday abroad later in the year.

Our eldest son Fu#1 got a pay rise at work and is still enjoying his job. I will do an update on him in a separate post.

Now onto the figures.


Net Worth January ’20 – £541,041  (Dec ’19 £543,861) -0.5% -£2,820


Assets – £778,600  (£784,006) -0.7%  -£5,406

Cash/bank £10500 (£2722)

Main Home Q4 £408,566 (Q3 £415,406) -1.6%

Rental Properties Q4 £168,534 (Q3 £171,355) -1.6%

Pension SIPP £190,600 (£194,523) -2% -£3,923


Liabilities – £237,559 (£240,145) -1.1%  -£2,586

Main Home Mortgage £87,800 (£88,150)

Loans, Debts and credit cards £149,759 (£151,995)


Overall Net Worth in January has decreased by £2,820.

Rolling yearly change in net worth from Jan ’19 is +£123,287

The decrease in our net worth this month is due to property values dropping by 1.6% in Q4, and my SIPP falling by 2% due to recent stock market falls caused by the Corona Virus scare.

This decrease in asset values has been slightly offset by more cash in the bank,  and a £2.5k decrease in our liabilities.

Main home and rental property values were calculated using the Nationwide House price index calculator and will be updated when Q1 figures are published.

According to the above index, house prices have risen by 1.78% over the last 4 quarters in the North West of England.



SIPP Dividends paid in January – £189. (Jan 2019 £187)

Dividends 2020 YTD total £189,  Av. £189/m

(Yearly totals –   2016 £425,  2017 £911,  2018 £1306,  2019 £2319)


Other Monthly/weekly goals

Matched Betting  +£251 this month (+£214 last month)

Matched betting slow again this month due to time constraints but just keeping it ticking over.

Total to date since starting 27m ago £11038 Av. £409/m (£10787 to last month Av. 415/m) means we made £251 profit this month, broken down as follows.

Casino/slot offers to date £4722 (4654) = £68 profit this month

Each way sniping to date £562 (£408) = £154 profit this month

Normal match betting offers £28 profit this month


Diet and Fitness –  Back in training after my bad chest and head cold. The aim to get below 70kg and under 15% body fat. Will update progress next month.

eBay/selling – Sold some excess building materials and scrap metal, made around £300


Any comments/questions always welcome

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