Happy 18th Covid Birthday, FU#2

It had to happen, didn’t it?

Covid swept through the FU household in the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, this coincided with our 2nd child’s 18th birthday.

FU#2 celebrated her long-awaited 18th with a positive covid test result, meaning she had to self isolate for 2 weeks. All arranged nights out, parties and meals with friends were cancelled. What a way to spend your 18th. It’s boring anyway when it becomes legal!

It started with me, when I lost my sense of taste and smell. I had a test… which came back the day after as POSITIVE. I then had a bad headache for a couple of days along with feeling lethargic and tired for the rest of the week. After that, I recovered quite quickly and I am fully recovered now. I was quite surprised it didn’t go to my chest as I often get bad coughs.

FU#2 started with a headache a couple of days after mine, and subsequently returned a positive test. Again, as with me, she felt tired for the rest of the week then recovered quickly.

The other members of the family had milder symptoms, with FU#1 feeling poorly for one day but then quickly recovering.

I am quite glad we have had covid now and don’t have to worry about it, especially as we all had relatively mild symptoms.

Now that FU#2 has turned 18 I have had a look at her finances and accounts to decide the next step of her FIRE journey. I outlined the plan for her in this post last year.

So, what changes have I implemented?

Over the last year, she has joined her works pension and been saving into a Help to Buy ISA.

I have now transferred the Help to Buy ISA into a stocks and shares LISA with Hargreaves Lansdown.

She continues to save 50% of her wage, even though she is on apprentice minimum wage.


Her net worth position is as follows.

Oct’ 20 Net Worth £8,839 – Cash 4,668, LISA  £2,005,  ISA £1,563,  SIPP pension £603


She is on track and doing great.

I just hope she doesn’t go wild and spend all her cash when isolation and lockdowns end!  There are bound to be some belated celebrations as soon as they’re allowed…and celebrations require outfits, shoes and expensive hairstyles, so I’m told!

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4 Responses to Happy 18th Covid Birthday, FU#2

  1. southwalesfi says:

    Uffffff, an awful birthday, but glad to hear none of your family had bad symptoms. It’s a bit worrying that it doesn’t sound like resistance lasts that long- though nobody knows for sure yet.

  2. weenie says:

    Good to hear that you and your family recovered and didn’t suffer too badly.

    It might be a while before 18th birthday celebrations can be anywhere what they were like pre-lockdown, but hopefully, your daugher will be able to celebrate in some sort of fashion soon.

    Her networth is probably better than many adults twice her age – well done!

  3. I’m new to the fire scene learning lots, nice blog.

  4. Very happy to know that you are now recovered from covid, have a happy & wealthy life ahead.

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