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The Power of (Mrs) FU Money

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote a post on our blog. To be honest, I’ve just been so very busy with work and the home education of our youngest two, and since lockdown, the home-schooling of … Continue reading

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Hey, Kids, Who’s For WallyWorld this Year?!

Last week we returned from our 10-night all-inclusive family trip ….not to WallyWorld, but to our favourite hotel in Spain. 

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February Already?!?

Pinch, punch, first of the month!

Wow – where did January go?  Everyone was complaining that there seemed to be thousands of days in January but for me it went so quickly….and as for Christmas and New Year – they passed in such a whirlwind that sometimes I wonder if they really happened already… or are just around the corner?  Oh dear! Continue reading

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Retiring Retirement

Mr Fu and I have just listened tonight, open-mouthed, to a programme on Radio 4 called Retiring Retirement, which outlined the future for retirement – or rather, the lack of it.   With the official retirement age abolished and life expectancy going … Continue reading

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School Holidays and the Fear of Missing Out

Yesterday was the first full day of the school holidays for us. Little FUs #5 and #6 are home educated but the other Little FUs broke up from school on Friday. I dread the start of the holidays. There’s always … Continue reading

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Secret Hobbies and the Big Match

Have you a secret hobby? Something you’ve not mentioned to any friends or family because it would mean too much explanation (and even then they might put you on their People-I’m-Worried-About List?) Mr FU and I have. We’ve all the … Continue reading

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Beware of Freebies – a Warning to Parents

If your child is a console/PC owner you’ll know only too well that games for them can prove extremely expensive, with the newest releases commanding prices of £40 up.   I saw a special edition one for the bargain price of … Continue reading

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Financial Education in Schools… or the Lack of.

Mr Fu and I are both in our late forties and seriously lament our late discovery of financial independence.  What hope did we have, though, considering our non-existent education in all things financial?

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An Apprenticeship in FIRE-Starting

I was listening to Jonathan and Brad on their ChooseFI podcast all about coding this week and found it really interesting.    They were interviewing Ryan Carson from Treehouse, an online coding tuition course website, who considers coding to be a … Continue reading

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UK on FIRE! Free places to make memories with the family

In my last post I posted a list of free educational apps and sites, but what about downtime? As a family of eight going anywhere can end up costing the earth, but after listening to Brad & Jonathan on a ChooseFI podcast talking … Continue reading

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