Patience you must have, my young padawan.

My son , FU#1, is following an apprentice pathway in his career, as we have detailed in previous posts.

He is now 20 and is coming towards the end of the apprenticeship he started in mid 2016. He has done his final exams/assessments, and is now just waiting for the results. Wow, has it been nearly 3 years already! Continue reading

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January ’19 – Net Worth and monthly updates #6

Time for net worth and monthly updates again, up to end of January 2019.

January has seen the FU household back to the grindstone with work and school activities.

The weather hasn’t been too kind for us with snow and ice affecting work progress, and we had the added bonus of someone crashing into both Mrs Fu’s and my parked vehicles. Luckily the person was insured and we got their details, but this has caused us much disruption with both vehicles being out of action.

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February Already?!?

feb.jpgPinch, punch, first of the month!

Wow – where did January go?  Everyone was complaining that there seemed to be thousands of days in January but for me it went so quickly….and as for Christmas and New Year – they passed in such a whirlwind that sometimes I wonder if they really happened already… or are just around the corner?  Oh dear!

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December ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #5

Well, it’s over. Christmas and New year came and went in a food and booze filled blur.

Time was taken to relax with the family and achieve nothing in particular.

Now comes a 3-month sprint up to the tax year end on April 5th, and our non-negotiable annual family all inclusive holiday blow out at Easter.

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November ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #4

Reading other bloggers monthly updates it seems like everyone’s had a busy November, and it has been no different in the FU household.

The kids have settled into school, and Mrs Fu and I are back in the routine of being a taxi service for all the kid’s activities and social lives. Continue reading

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Thanks for doing the washing mum!

Today we have our first Guest post on this blog.

Our special (in our eyes) guest blog post is by none other than our first born, little FU#1.

It actually feels quite strange to read his thoughts on paper as a third person, and also makes me feel quite emotional as he has grown up into a young adult with his own life ahead of him.

So without further ado, introducing FU#1. Continue reading

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October ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #3

I haven’t updated for a couple of months as there has been quite a lot going on in the FU household.

September is always a busy time with the little Fu’s going back to school after the summer holidays and everyone getting back into new routines and activities. Continue reading

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Brit FI Rules OK

There seems to be lots of FI blogs out there now from all over the world, especially the USA.

When I initially found FI I couldn’t read enough about it, and subscribed to virtually every blog I came across. Continue reading

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The Hidden way to Supercharge your Pension – get 150%+ Uplift on your Pension Contributions.

Do you get basic rate tax relief (20%) or higher rate tax relief (40%) on your pension contributions?

In this post I’ll explain how to blow those figures out of the water and get 150%+ uplift on your pension contributions! Continue reading

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Retiring Retirement

a-cal-1113316591-1534453027644.jpgMr Fu and I have just listened tonight, open-mouthed, to a programme on Radio 4 called Retiring Retirement, which outlined the future for retirement – or rather, the lack of it.   With the official retirement age abolished and life expectancy going up, the crux of the broadcast was that people should expect to work until their 70s, even 80s, and how to prepare for that.

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