Mar ’21 – Net Worth and monthly update #32 £691,652 (+£27,500) 99% FI

I got 99 problems but this ain’t one.

An unexpected big increase this month has propelled me to 99% FI.  So close now to hitting my target figure and it’s looking like I will reach it next month.

This month has gone by so quickly again but we get closer to the end of lockdown as restrictions start to be eased. We are looking forward to getting out for a nice meal and a few drinks to get a break from the house and kids. We have also booked a week away in Bournemouth in July

Mrs FU had her first vaccine jab last week. She had a slight reaction and felt ill overnight but she was ok after a day or two.  I have decided I am not having the vaccine as I have already had covid.

The kids (FUs #3 & #4) went back to school in early March and they have been doing home covid tests 3 times a week. It only seems like they have been back 2 minutes but they are now on their Easter holidays for two weeks. Fu#3 was meant to do his GCSE exams in May but we still don’t fully know what is happening yet. We will need to decide what he wants to do as he doesn’t want to stop on to do A levels.


The Numbers

FI Target  – £1.25m to give £50k/year income @ 4% withdrawal rate.

Current FI value – £691k networth+ £466k (2xState pen £18.6k x 25) + £87k (DB pen £3.5k x 25)) = £1.24m

% to Target FI – 99.7% (96.6% last month)

Time to FI =  1 month, April 21 (last month- 11 months, Jan 22)



Last months figures in brackets

Net Worth Feb ’21 – £691,652  (Feb ’21 £664,152) +4.1% +£27,500


Assets – £910,366  (£876,049) +3.9%  +£34,317

Cash/bank £6322 (£8491)

Main Home Q1 £453,809 (Q4 £441,157) +2.9% +£12,652

Rental Properties Q1 £187,196 (Q4 £181,977) +2.9% +£5,219

Pension SIPP £263,039 (£244,424) +7.6%  +£18,615


Liabilities – £218,714 (£211,897) +3.2%  +£6,817

Main Home Mortgage £83,600 (£83,950)

Loans, Debts and credit cards £135,114 (£127,947)


Overall Net Worth in March rose by £27.5k .

Assets increased by £34.3k.  About half the increase was due to property prices rising by 2.9% over the last quarter, and the other half was due to an increase in my SIPP value, fuelled by rising markets and contributions made before tax year end.

Liabilities increased by £6.8k this month due to taking advantage of a 0% offer to boost my pension contributions. I couldn’t resist the instant 25% return.


Rolling year on year change in net worth from March ’20 is +£190,071 (assets +£169,366, liabilities -£20,705)

Since we began tracking our net worth in June ’18 our net worth has increased by £277k, at an average of £8.4k per month.



My house price YOY change +8.18%. (Q1 2020 – Q1 2021 NW England)

The Equity in my main home is £370,209.

Main home and rental property values are calculated using the Nationwide House price index.

Nationwide’s March ’21 update reports the strongest house price growth is in the North West this quarter. The outlook is still uncertain due to covid and stamp duty changes.

The UK annual % change in house prices to March is +5.7%, with a UK average house price of £232k.



SIPP Dividends paid in March were £265.

Dividends Mar 21 YTD total £1096,  Av. £365/m   (Mar 20 ytd £929,  Mar 19 ytd £267)

(Yearly totals –   2016 £425,  2017 £911,  2018 £1306,  2019 £2319, 2020 £5942)


Other Monthly/weekly goals

Matched Betting  +£213 this month (+£133 last month)

£213 profit this month.  We are still mainly doing casino offers and a bit of normal match betting.

Total to date since starting 41m ago £12822 Av. £313/m (£12609 to last month Av. 320/m) means we made £213 this month, broken down as follows.

Casino/slot offers to date £6206 (6032) = +£174 this month

Each way sniping to date £625 (£625) = £0 this month

Normal match betting offers £39 profit this month


Diet and Fitness –  Stayed at 74kg and 19% body fat  (74kg, 19% body fat last month). Now my training is consistent I need to experiment with my diet to see what will work to lose some weight as I am stuck at 74kg

My target is to get to 70kg and/or under 15% body fat.


eBay/selling – Nothing done this month.


Any comments/questions always welcome


Monthly Net worth since started tracking

#1 June ’18 £414,258

#2 July ’18 £413,030 -£1,228

#3 Oct ’18 £420,037 +£7,007

#4 Nov ’18 £420,222 +£185

#5 Dec ’18 £415,731 -£4,491

#6 Jan ’19 £417,754 +£2,023

#7 Feb ’19 £419,313 +£1,968

#8 Mar ’19 £434,282 +£14,969

#9 Apr ’19 £434,843 +£561

#10 May ’19 £504,531 +£69,688

#11 Jun ’19 £514,218 +£9,687

#12 Jul ’19 £520,781 +£6,563

#13 Sep ’19 £532,376 +£11,595

#14 Oct ’19 £534,406 +£2,030

#15 Nov ’19 £539,998 +£5,592

#16 Dec ’19 £543,861 +£3,863

#17 Jan ’20 £541,041 -£2,820

#18 Feb ’20 £525,898 -£15,143

#19 Mar’20 £501,581  -£24,317

#20 April ’20 £534,439 +£32,858

#21 May ’20 £555,467 +£21,028

#22 June ’20 £569,037 +£13,570 89%FI

#23 July ’20 £569,001 -£36 89%FI

#24 August ’20 £575,970 +£6,969 89%FI

#25 September ’20 £584,439 +£8,469 90% FI

#26 Oct ’20 £601,476 +£17,037 91% FI

#27 Nov ’20 £623,482 +£22,006 93% FI


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5 Responses to Mar ’21 – Net Worth and monthly update #32 £691,652 (+£27,500) 99% FI

  1. Gc says:

    Wow so close to your fi target. Can I ask what will change when you hit it, from what I saw of your Deccumulation post most of this is locked into home equity and that it didn’t look like you’d realistically consider quitting work till you could access your sipp. Is this still the case? Or is there a target to maybe retire earlier.

    Also in terms of matched betting, how did you start, were there any guides /resources you would recommend?

    • FU MON CHU says:

      Hi Gc

      That’s correct, i’m not planning to quit work until I can access my SIPP. It’s a good feeling though that even if I dont’t contribute anything more to my investments that I am FI, so it takes the pressure off earning money at work and I can try to do more of the tasks I enjoy.

      On the matched betting side of things I basically signed up to oddsmonkey and picked up tips from weenie, firestarter, and the matched betting guy. Maybe I need to put the oddsmonkey affiliate link up on my updates!


  2. Good job – glad to hear that you are 99% of the way there already!
    If you do get to 100% in April, will you have the cashflow to be financially independent month to month?
    Tour dividends are in the hundreds and whilst the rental properties are cash positive, you can’t eat out on equity.

    One more thing, DB pension x25 accessible from 60? State Pension x25 paid from 68?
    Why use the same multiplier?
    (I use 20 and don’t count on the state pension in net worth but now it’s only 30 years away see that it’s worth remembering we have it)

    • FU MON CHU says:

      Hi GFF

      Yes we could probably cover bills etc. with not much left over though. So going to carry on working at the moment to continue to pay down debts and increase my stash!

      DB pension is accessible from 55 so will have to decide whether to take then or leave until 60. I have used the 25x multiplier to keep it simple at the moment but I may have a look at how different multipliers affect the drawdown as I refine my approach over the next couple of years.

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