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LISA – Was she a swipe right for FU#1?

LISA’s profile – Attractive, seeking short or long term partner (with benefits), preferably aged 18-40, looking to settle down and buy a house with, and/or eventually retire with the right person.

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Hey, Kids, Who’s For WallyWorld this Year?!

Last week we returned from our 10-night all-inclusive family trip ….not to WallyWorld, but to our favourite hotel in Spain. 

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Brit FI Rules OK

There seems to be lots of FI blogs out there now from all over the world, especially the USA. When I initially found FI I couldn’t read enough about it, and subscribed to virtually every blog I came across.

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Cheaper by the (half) dozen

Regular readers of our blog may be aware that we are a large family… with six kids!

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‘Death of Early Retirement’

‘…by 2035 there may be almost no one giving up work before the age of 65. That would mean nearly everyone born after 1970 will work beyond their 65th birthday.’ Read more:   Looks like we’ve had it then 😉 … Continue reading

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