Brit FI Rules OK

There seems to be lots of FI blogs out there now from all over the world, especially the USA.

When I initially found FI I couldn’t read enough about it, and subscribed to virtually every blog I came across.

As time goes by, I’m finding it quite difficult having the time to keep up with all these blogs, and often feel that many are simply trying to get reader stats with clickbaity titles such as “10 ways to riches…” or “25 ways to optimise your life…”,  etc. etc. The content is often regurgitated from other sources and pretty generic.

I know we probably all do a bit of this to some extent, and I am by no means a blogger who comes up with original ideas. But neither have I tried to monetise my blog. It doesn’t interest me.

Being British, and therefore quite cynical, another thing that I have trouble with is that the FI community seem to be becoming victim to a sort of groupthink consensus. We all have to be practising ‘gratitude’ or ‘journaling’ or some such similar thing apparently. Well no thanks. If there’s anything more that makes me want to be miserable is someone telling me to be happy!

As FI and ideas/opinions around it become more mainstream my natural tendency is to travel in the opposite direction.

I have absolutely no issue with FI and I want to achieve it for myself, it’s just that the soundbites around it seem to be repeated and regurgitated by many in order to get traffic. Do they really believe the things they write about, or is it just that they think that this is what they are meant to say and think. Does that make sense?

The blogs I most enjoy are the ones who tell a story about themselves and what is going on in their lives.

I am finding most of the UK FI blogs are less commercialistic (is that a word?) than many US blogs and I am tending to rationing myself to these blogs due to time constraints.

Yes, there are some fantastic US blogs, and I will continue to read those, especially the ones that have been around for many years.


What about you?

Do you suffer from blog fatigue or can you not get enough?

Am I being too cynical/British?

Do you find it difficult to keep up?


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