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October ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #3

I haven’t updated for a couple of months as there has been quite a lot going on in the FU household. September is always a busy time with the little Fu’s going back to school after the summer holidays and … Continue reading

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Brit FI Rules OK

There seems to be lots of FI blogs out there now from all over the world, especially the USA. When I initially found FI I couldn’t read enough about it, and subscribed to virtually every blog I came across.

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The Hidden way to Supercharge your Pension – get 150%+ Uplift on your Pension Contributions.

Do you get basic rate tax relief (20%) or higher rate tax relief (40%) on your pension contributions? In this post I’ll explain how to blow those figures out of the water and get 150%+ uplift on your pension contributions!

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July ’18 – Net Worth and monthly update #2

Since my June update I have failed miserably in getting any posts or updates out. This is down to a number of factors. I think I had my first writer’s block, as many of the topics I was thinking about … Continue reading

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Cheaper by the (half) dozen

Regular readers of our blog may be aware that we are a large family… with six kids!

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Which Index Funds do you invest in?

Throughout the FI community the default advice on investing and building wealth seems to be  “…invest in low-cost index funds…”. So when deciding to invest, whether in a pension, Isa, or other investment vehicle, just buy your low-cost index fund … Continue reading

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June ’18 – Net Worth and monthly updates #1

I’ve fallen behind on posting recently and have been put under pressure as Mrs FU seems to be taking over my blog lately. She has generally been on my case about my laziness and procrastination, and has been mocking me … Continue reading

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£1m Pension Pot – How to climb the mountain and when to stop saving.

In the UK news this week it has been reported that, for a comfortable retirement,  people need to save a ‘pension mountain’  of £260,000. Cue the doom-mongers and naysayers. ‘Who could ever hope to save this amount of money?’ Using … Continue reading

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Little FU#1 – Step 3 Devise an Investment Strategy

Recap – This is step 3 in the process to set up a plan for my son, FU#1, to buy a property and reach FI before he is 40 years old. In step 2 of the plan, we set up an … Continue reading

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Free Money – Who wants an extra £250,000 tax free?

Who would like a tax-free birthday present of £250,000, for free?

Me please, whats the catch? How much is it going to cost?

The cost to you, my friend? – Zilch, Nada, Zippo, Zero, Nothing!

This is a scam, right?


So what gives? Continue reading

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